Minka Keinänen


"The past is your lesson, the present is your gift, the future is your motivation."

+358 (0) 50 575 4128


I am a growing expert in project and change management and communications. My work experience includes acting as a junior project manager and project coordinator as well as responsibilities in voluntary communications projects. I’m experienced in working with customers, in addition I have great organizing and planning skills.

During my free time I like to exercise, spend time outdoors with my family or relax with a book, a series or a board game with friends. Being a music enthusiast, the rest of my free time I spend listening to music and singing along.


Most of the time I think change brings new and exciting things. Change is the start of something new and I want to help people succeed in it. I believe that by working alongside CCEA’s consultants in various change projects has helped me to build a solid foundation for the growth and development of my own expertise in change.


In addition to my independent, creative and precise approach to work, my special expertise includes

  • Project planning, coordination and follow-up
  • The ability to embrace and keep focus even in big entities
  • Excellent language and IT skills
  • Networking, teamwork
  • Content production, social media.

Additionally, I am a certified SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Agilist and Lean Change Agent.