Mira Dahlman

Chief of People & Culture
Principal Consultant

Social Psychologist

"Change implementation is all about interaction: engaging in dialogue, listening, presentations, training, motivating…. The art is in tackling it all systematically."

+358 (0) 50 530 6434


I have long experience in change implementation and in heading the related services in international environments. I am at my best when I am working as part of a good team and leading the team from one success to the next to the final goal. According to feedback from our customers, I do everything to ensure a high quality of service, and I do not drop the ball even in challenging situations.

As the Chief Operating Officer and a member of the Board of Directors and the Leadership Team, I want to build the world’s best workplace and the world’s most successful change office.

I enjoy physical activity, spending time at the summer cottage, wine and food, and I dream about an eternal summer.


Most important to me are people, and I believe that changes can be successful only if the tangible impacts they will have are taken into consideration and if people are engaged in the process already in the early planning stages. We at CCEA take each and every one of them through the change – even one by one. People are important not only in our customers’ change projects, but also here internally. I want to build an open and happy workplace where everyone has clear goals and wants to be here. This happens by gaining insight together and by building an outstanding “lontti” culture. We have fun together!


I efficiently accomplish the things that have been agreed upon. My special expertise includes

  • Heading the change service processes and customer account management
  • Planning and developing change implementation models
  • Planning and implementing individual changes
  • IT outsourcing and integration
  • Multi-supplier collaboration
  • Supervisory work and interaction between people

Additionally, I am a certified Lean Change Agent.