Pauliina Piri

Senior Consultant
M.Sc. (Econ.)

"Placing people at the core is the key for successful change management. There is no shortcut to success, but through sensitive listening and open discussions, by engaging people in planning, and by providing training & support, all this systematically and persistently done, it is possible to root any type of change as a new routine."

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I am an experienced partner for senior leadership teams and project managers in leading people and organizations through changes. Before moving to CCEA, I worked in a large multinational industrial company in several different roles for over 15 years. Various organizational changes, streamlining operations, developing innovation culture or service mindset, redefining processes, and adopting new ways of working are examples of change projects that I have been responsible for.

In my spare time I enjoy family life. As a counterbalance to everyday life, I travel with my husband and our two lovely sons whenever the opportunity arises. Riding, outdoor jogging and reading are my favourite ways to spend “my time”.


Looking at things from people’s perspective and thereby identifying actions that are either driving or slowing down the change has always been natural to me. The so called “change resistance” and how to get over it has always been of special interest to me. I am quick to observe how people feel about the change and what needs to be done to in order to achieve the objectives. At CCEA, I was inspired by the opportunity to work with the best change experts in Finland. The team is absolutely fantastic, with every lontti possessing a unique combination of intelligence and humanity – the very skills you need to make changes happen.


I have versatile experience of different change projects and organizational development programs. My special expertise includes:

  • Training, team coaching and facilitation
  • Analysing the need for change and preparing the change plan
  • Planning and implementing individual changes
  • Management workshops and engagement
  • Supporting change communication planning and implementation
  • Creating and supporting change networks
  • Developing organization culture and ways of working
  • Planning and implementing competence and leadership development initiatives