Reetta Rajala

Chief Executive Officer
Principal Consultant
M.Sc. (Econ.)

"A good manager recognizes the changes needed in the organization. An excellent manager dares to prioritize without trying to make everything happen at the same time and is capable of managing the implementation of changes successfully, time after time."

+358 (0) 40 779 8313


I am the founder of CCEA, the Chief Executive Officer, and, above all, a passionate change implementer. Even though I have implemented dozens of changes, one more complex than the other, over the course of my nearly 30-year career, I still get fired up every time we get to be involved in a customer’s change process. Customers typically describe me as professional, assertive and productive. With tongue-in-cheek and with gratitude for my approach in implementing change, someone gave me a whip as a gift upon completion of the change project.


For me CCEA is not only a job and a second family, it’s also a bigger project. I believe that the change work we do at CCEA helps companies to find success and improve their competitiveness. It takes thriving companies to enable Finnish society to develop. Implementing change is hard and often very practical work that always involves some more difficult moments. But that feeling you get when you notice that someone who has been fiercely resistant to change has become excited about the renewal and is starting to work in a new way is priceless.


My special expertise includes

  • Leading change teams as well as programs and projects
  • Analyzing, prioritizing and managing an organization’s change portfolio
  • Planning and implementing individual changes
  • Engagement and facilitation
  • Changes to and outsourcing of IT operating models, processes and tools
  • Building and supporting change networks
  • Changes using the SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) model (I am a certified SAFe Agilist and Lean Change Agent)