Rita Mallius

Senior Consultant

"At the core of change, you must learn to be there for others, not for yourself."

+358 (0) 40 765 6746


I am a target-oriented and inspiring implementer of change. My strengths include my interaction skills and my experience with strategy-level transformation projects and organizational development. I have participated in development projects involving, e.g., socially critical IT systems and in global renewals of tools and ways of operating. I have worked with many of CCEA’s customer change projects. While I do take my work seriously, I also feel that life shouldn’t always be so serious.


By nature, I am a decisive calculator of new perspectives and I’m quick to grasp situations. In fact, change situations fuel my motivation to develop ways of operating and people, and to take control of situations and organize them. That’s why I really enjoy working with the challenges of CCEA’s customers. Because of my communications background, I also know that communications plays a significant role in achieving and committing to successful change – so my background is sure to offer added value also in managing our customers’ change situations.


I am a persistent implementer of changes and a messenger of better interaction. My special expertise includes

  • Perceiving change programs and implementing changes
  • Change situations involving an organization’s ways of operating
  • Interaction situations, development of interaction and communications
  • Questioning and finding new perspectives
  • Project management and goal-oriented communications
  • Digital business environment
  • Training and inspiring

Additionally, I am a certified SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Agilist and Lean Change Agent.