Saana Ström

Senior Consultant
M.Sc. (Tech.)

+358 (0) 40 775 7964


I’m an enthusiastic and selfdriven continuous improver. I think every day when I don’t learn something now is a wasted day. Willingness to change lives inside me. Consultancy is something I have done already around 9 years.


CCEA is a place for me where I can be who I am and think and act according to my values. It was interesting to find a company that is doing what I have thought for years is the most important thing to do: Make change happen. Many times a good framework gets the blame even though the real reason for failure was that we didn’t put enough time and effort to the implementation. We also often think that a new information system will solve all our problems. If we forget what is the real change we are looking for and that people should take ownership about the change, the planned benefits won’t be achieved.

It’s super to have people around you who also work to make change happen. Together we are more powerfull!


My expertise include:
• Transformations especially towards Agile (Enterpise agile, SAFe, Agile Tribes)
• Agile Coaching
• Change management in Information system development projects
• Digitalization
• Process development
• Coaching goal oriented teams