Suvi Vainio

Senior Consultant
Master of Science (Business) (M.Sc.), Master of Social Science (M.Soc. Sc.), Social Psychology, Master of Hospitality Management, (Service Design)

"The future is created together. Change is always an opportunity."

+358 45 657 7893


I am a social psychologist and human behavior expert who has worked for over fifteen years as a Management Consultant, HR Manager/Consultant, and Organization Developer for various customers.

I have a strong background in implementing and planning strategic changes and supporting managers and employees for various organizational, cultural, and digital changes. Additionally, I am experienced in project management, customer-oriented and agile services development, design thinking and sprints.

During my free time I like to travel and spend time with my family and friends. Nature and outdoor activities are also close to my heart.

I work at CCEA as a partner network consultant.


I am on a mission to create future workplaces where things will be done more efficiently and human ways. Human focus should be the starting point for every change. It is essential to understand and anticipate people’s thinking and behavior. It is also important to measure change and success. Goals are only achieved by working with people.


My areas of expertise are:

  • People-oriented change and building change capability
  • Changing organizational culture, management practices or ways of working
  • New customer centric services development and implementation, follow-up
  • Supporting supervisors and staff in change
  • Facilitation and training (f2f and virtual)
  • Service design methods and agile development

I am ICT-certified Brain-Based Coach.