Taru Hermunen-Kuusela

Senior Consultant
Master of Science (M.Sc.)

"Today, the ability to manage change is an important working life skill… no matter of your professional field of expertise or your current position. Everyone can develop, grow and strengthen this skill just by having some curiosity to approach things from another perspective and, occasionally, to try out something new."

+358 50 337 6564


I am strongly business-oriented developer of people and organisations. For me, change means development, growth and moving forward – it is continuous movement and renewal. During my career, I have had the possibility to follow and support change in many very different operational environment and subject matters. Based on this experience, I understand widely the needs for and issues of development and change in different businesses and industries. Particularly, I have got familiar with the ongoing changes in working life and their impacts on the people, i.e. redundancy situations and the related change security, capacity and capability development, career planning and career leadership.

In my personal life, I love jogging, reading and cooking, and I might go out to enjoy some golf as well. Time flies when experiencing and wondering the life with my family.


As its best, chance is an important asset making the future goals and dreams possible to achieve, both for an individual and for an organisation. I easily create new ideas and love putting an effort on developing things ahead, and thus, enjoy the planning and implementation of diverse change initiatives.

However, what always stays closest to my heart is the people-driven approach to business and a human being in the heart of any change. In this field, CCEA is a perfect match! In CCEA I get to work with versatile change cases and project set-ups together with a team of top experts as my colleagues and with great customers and their teams. I can help others to succeed, learn by doing things together with others and grow myself as well, both professionally and personally.


This is what describes my expertise and strengths as a change maker:

  • Change management and leadership all the way from the concept creation to the concrete action
  • Project management and network cooperation
  • Business development and service design
  • Capacity and capability development: professional and working life skills, building growth mindset and continuous learning
  • Coaching and training: planning and realisation of coaching and training programs (also online), entrepreneurship coaching and training and personal coaching
  • Writing and communication

I also have professional degrees in coaching, LCF Life Coach®, and Service Development, and a Prince2 Foundation Certification.