Tiina Karsikas


"The secret of change is embracing it as a new opportunity."

+358 (0) 40 161 5249


I am a people development & change execution specialist. I believe in customer centric and solution-oriented ways of working, supported by more than 15 years of experience in development projects and change processes in international organizations. I thrive in a work environment where I can support strategic business and people development and try out new and innovative methods that enable sustainable change.
In addition to an inspiring job, I enjoy life with my spouse and three children by boating and snowboarding, as well as coaching little kids’ basketball team and playing football.


People are different and approach and understand change from diverse perspectives. The best starting point for change comes from understanding different ways of thinking and developing the change capabilities of individuals and the entire organization. In the CCEA team, I get to develop and implement change processes in my daring and open-minded ways of working, so that achieving together is fun, inspiring and thought-provoking.


  • Planning and execution of change processes
  • Change communication
  • Developing and implementing new ways of working
  • Facilitation and training (f2f and virtual)
  • Competence development and learning process renewal
  • Questioning and finding new viewpoints
  • Digitalisation and gamification methods
  • Coaching