General Terms and Conditions of CCEA trainings November 18th, 2020

1. Organizer and scope of General Terms and Conditions

CCEA Trainings are organized by CCEA Oy (Business ID 2161491-7, address: Keilaranta 1, telephone: 020 740 1140, email address:, hereinafter “CCEA”), that is party to this agreement and is responsible for the obligations arising from this agreement.

These general terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to change execution and change leadership trainings offered on the CCEA website and organized by CCEA. We reserve the right to change these Terms. CCEA may amend these Terms at any time by publishing new general terms and conditions. The new general terms and conditions apply to contracts concluded after the time such new general terms and conditions have been published.

Ordering CCEA Training is made electronically. The agreement regarding the CCEA Training shall become effective when the customer (the “Customer”) submits the order form on the CCEA Training webpage and receives a confirmation of order via email. These Terms shall be applied in the relationship between CCEA and the Customer who ordered CCEA Training. By ordering the CCEA Training these Terms shall become binding upon the Customer. A Customer who does not accept these Terms does not have the right to use the CCEA Training.

2. Content of CCEA Training

CCEA Training comprises of interactive training sessions, materials, an access right to the electronic learning space and a certification exam. The price of CCEA Training described on the website includes all the costs of the training. The price includes VAT. It is also possible for the Customer to order under a separate contract and for a separate fee an additional sparring discussion, for the price described on the CCEA Training webpage. VAT will be added to the price. Prices include delivery costs.

Materials will be released in the CCEA Training learning space in the form of PDF files as the training progresses.

CCEA reserves the right to modify CCEA Training schedules, content, and any other training related arrangements without prior notice.

In order to use the electronic learning space the Customer is required to have a functional device, software and internet connection. Customer alone is responsible for the acquisition, functionality and expenses of such devices, software, and internet connection.

All Customer access rights or other rights to services under these Terms shall expire one (1) month after the CCEA Training closing event.

3. Terms of Payment and Payment Methods

The online store payment service operates in connection with the Lyyti-enrollment system, Lyyti Oy (Business ID 2117752-6) maintains a payment service and/or allows payment using the payment methods (credit card) provided by Stripe.

Customer pays for the product by using payment methods offered or made possible by Lyyti. At each time, the available payment methods can be found on the Lyyti -service. The available payment methods are credit card, Finnish online banks, and invoice.

The parties to the transaction are the Customer and CCEA. CCEA is responsible for all obligations related to the transaction as set out in these Terms.

The payment period used for billing is 14 days and the interest for late payment is 7 %. However, the participation fee for CCEA Training should be paid no later than 14 days prior to the start of the training. If the Customer’s participation fee has not been paid by such prior date, CCEA reserves the right to cancel that Customer’s enrollment.

4. Terms of Revocation

The Customer has a 14-day right of withdrawal under Chapter 6, Section 14 of the Consumer Protection Act, after ordering the CCEA Training. If the order is withdrawn within such time period any possible payment made will be refunded. The Customer must notify CCEA of the withdrawal of the order by email to The training has been withdrawn when the Customer receives electronic confirmation of the withdrawal.

If the Customer has already received access to services or materials prior to the exercise of the withdrawal right set out above, the Customer’s right to withdraw does not exist. The right of withdrawal ceases immediately with receiving of services or material.

Payment made shall not be refundable except on the grounds set out in these Terms. The lack of use of CCEA Training does not relieve the Customer from the Customer’s obligation to pay.

5. Cancellation or Suspension of the CCEA Training

If the training is cancelled or suspended due to a reason attributable to CCEA or for any other reason falling under the responsibility of CCEA, CCEA shall be obliged to refund the payment made by the Customer. CCEA undertakes to notify the Customer of the cancellation in good time before the start of the CCEA Training, if possible. The CCEA is obliged to notify the Customer of any force majeure or similar event and the cessation of such event.

6. Intellectual Property Rights

CCEA owns the rights to all materials related to the CCEA Training. When delivering any material to Customer’s control, all copyright and other intellectual property rights regardless of their form shall continue to be the sole and exclusive property of CCEA. The Customer receives a personal access right to the material. The distribution, copying, and resale of the materials in full, and transfer of the personal access right to the electronic learning space to a third party is strictly prohibited. The Customer is also not allowed to use materials for educational purposes. The Customer is responsible for securely storing and maintaining the material and learning space access link, as well as other similar material. Breach of this section may result in liability for damages.

7. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

These Terms are governed by the laws of Finland, excluding its principles of conflicts of laws.

Disputes arising from or in connection to these Terms shall be settled primarily by negotiation.

If a dispute regarding these Terms is not resolved by negotiations between CCEA and the Customer, the dispute shall be settled in the district court of Helsinki in Finland.

Consumer has the right to refer any disputes to the Consumer Disputes Board. Contact details of the Consumer Disputes Board can be found on the Consumer Disputes Board’s webpage

8. Entry into force

These Terms shall become effective on the time of their publication on the CCEA Training website. These Terms have been published on November 18th, 2020.

9. Disclaimer

Participation in the CCEA Training in itself does not guarantee success of any changes to the Customer’s organization. CCEA is not responsible for any defects or faults in its materials. The Customer shall use its own judgement when using the CCEA Training materials.

CCEA strives to keep its website and other materials and information channels up to date, but CCEA cannot fully guarantee that information received through CCEA’s websites are up to date or valid. The CCEA is not responsible for what has been undertaken or omitted to do based on the CCEA Training, websites, or other information.

CCEA shall not be liable for any damages to the Customer unless such damages are caused directly due to the activities of CCEA.

In all cases, however, CCEA’s liability is limited to the price paid by the Customer for the CCEA Training.