Join us

We are growing quickly, so we are always looking for people who are not only change implementation professionals, but also achievers, persistent, empathetic, inspiring and action-oriented. All-around good people.

We offer a community of top-notch experts in change implementation, as well as changes that allow you to challenge yourself. In addition to wonderful colleagues, great global customers, a comfortable office, and competitive compensation, we also offer the following benefits:

  • Competence development
  • Sports and culture benefit card
  • Free gym at our office building
  • Massage
  • Care service for a sick child
  • Home cleaning benefit
  • Occupational health care and medical expense insurance, including medication coverage
  • Joint activities, both sports and culture
  • Remote working opportunities

Join us!

If you want to implement change for our customers and be part of a fantastic team, send us a free-format application.

First and foremost, we require a passion for change implementation and typically an advanced academic degree, expertise in change implementation, self-initiative, and fluency in English.

We value people who are team players, tenacious, able to apply themselves, have a hands-on approach, boldness, good work/life management skills – and obviously have a desire to be part of a terrific team.

We avoid bureaucracy, hierarchy, abstractness, and everything else that has a rigid and genteel connotation.

Become a “lontti”

What is lontti?

We CCEA employees call each other “lonttis”. Say what?

We have together created CCEA’s values and way of operating and crystallized them into an image of a chameleon-like, multi-talented professional that we call a “CCEAlontti”. More informally, “lontti.” [“Lontti” is a shortened Finnish word for “chameleon”.] Since then, we have been lonttis and our community is a lontti family. Find us on Instagram with the hashtag #lonttifamily.

Watch a video (in Finnish) of Lonttis telling why CCEA is a the best place to work for them.