What does lontti culture mean to Elli?

”For me, lontti culture means throwing oneself into situations bravely, empathy, taking responsibility, equality and trust.

Lonttis are brave people who throw themselves into new and sometimes tough situations outside their own comfort zone. We get to be part of interesting, challenging and rewarding projects. Changes are sometimes tough because information is not always easily available, there are conflicts and fear, which means we find ourselves in hard situations. In those moments it’s important to be able to read the circumstances and people’s minds.

The empathy that lonttis have is a combination of listening, trust and persistency. We know how to take a soft approach on a situation but take care of them with a hard-working and professional attitude – we don’t give up.

We do have fun together, but work is not all roses and sometimes workload gets big. Even the toughest ones can’t handle all situations alone. But there’s always someone in our lontti family who wants and can help – if you remember to ask. It also means, that we need to be prepared to take the feedback. Lontti isn’t afraid to ask for specification and admit they don’t understand or agree. It’s more important, and a common goal, to learn and make the result to its best. Asking questions is in every lontti’s toolbox.

Even though we try to ask a colleague’s opinion to our thoughts and outputs it’s not always possible. If everyone is in a hurry at the same time or the matter is urgent, we do fast decisions by ourselves. We need to know how to prioritize. Every now and then we need to work late and sometimes quite alone. But that’s part of being a lontti too – flexibility.

I think the strength of being a lontti stems from home. The nature of the job is that workload varies, and some weeks are busier than others – these affect the family and life at home as well. For me one big help is the home cleaning benefit, which leaves more time and energy for me also for free time.

I appreciate the fact that every lontti is treated equally – gender, age or “lontti-age” doesn’t matter. Lonttis share many same values with each other, but at the same time our differences are being appreciated and distinctive opinions are welcome. Thinking about it, there are already around 40 different and unique lonttis at CCEA. That’s quite a group to draw knowledge and skills from.

We share together both the joyful and the sad things, at work and outside of work. The atmosphere is compassionate and emphatic which makes the environment a safe place to share also personal matters – everyone in their own way of course. There’s no pressure to share anything personal if that’s something uncomfortable. Together we know how to be glad about positive things, whether they are small or big things. Those happy memories last for a long time.”

Elli Perklén