What does lontti culture mean to Mari?

”For me, lontti culture is a work community where you find happy, friendly and easily approachable people – who are always ready to offer a helping hand. Culture is a summary of small things and gestures that make people feel good and welcomed; e.g. a welcome gift, a glass of bubbly, snacks at the office (you can add your favourites on the shopping list), but these are merely just efforts. I believe you have a good culture when your people are genuinely feeling good. That’s exactly what CCEA is after.

When I joined CCEA, I felt welcomed right from the start. It was easy to join the family. Everything was prepared for a smooth start and I had my lontti “god parent” as a support. It turned out that CCEA’s culture was exactly what I had imagined (based on what it looks like in CCEA’s social media). It felt good to become a lontti myself. The actual pride of being a lontti came within the next months.

If I’m in a new situation, there’s always someone to support me. There hasn’t been a time when I was left completely alone. I don’t even have to consider whether I can admit that there’s something that I don’t know. Everyone has this sincerity and people can be their true selves.

Lonttis have a lot of shared activities outside of work. Unfortunately, I have very little time to participate e.g. in After Work events, due to my current life situation. It’s nice that we have these events, and it’s great that they’re completely voluntary. As we’re in different client projects, it’s also nice to see what other colleagues are up to e.g. through social medial channels.

We also learn about each other in our regular work-related events. I would say that our good feeling and friendly atmosphere is at its best on Fridays, when we all gather to work from our own office. To be frank, Fridays may not be the most efficient working days when we share our morning coffee and catch up. But I must say that the Friday bubbly is a plus!

I take pride in working at CCEA. Our work is special and interesting; we execute changes concretely and I think what we have accomplished is pretty amazing. I get inspired by other projects’ successes and outcomes. I feel that management really does everything it takes for our success, and the leadership style at CCEA is good – both positive and negative things are communicated in an open and visible way. With that said, I’m ready to tackle new change challenges with a confident mind!”

Mari Jääskeläinen