What does lontti culture mean to Tiina?

”Lontti culture makes me feel that I’m part of a group that inspires me to develop and learn new things – all the time. It’s a group where I genuinely feel good in and I’m accepted the way I am. Openness, trust, fun, well-being, intelligence and shared interests are the characteristics I can find in our culture.

Openness is in the heart of the lontti culture – which is also tightly linked to trust. We can openly talk about anything we want (if we choose to) or share experiences related to work, spare time or our well-being. Thanks to our confidential atmosphere, it’s ok to show one’s true feelings. I know I can get support from my colleagues if I have something on my mind or a challenge that I cannot handle on my own. I feel that lonttis genuinely care about each other.

It’s important to me to also have fun at work. We share a good sense of humour and laugh a lot. We are experienced professionals, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We also show our joyful and positive attitude towards our customers. Lonttis are genuinely willing to help each other and share knowledge and skills, without the need to compete against each other. I believe we get the best results by working together and learning from each other.

CCEA is interested in our well-being – both the physical and mental. We have a good, ergonomic workspace at the office, and supporting working tools and equipment are also available for the home office. Employees are supported as individuals, no matter what the need is. Support is available in different formats, and you can choose what fits you best.

The support we get from other lonttis is important. I feel it’s available every day, even for our client assignments. Every lontti has a strong knowledge base, complemented with emotional intelligence. I use a so-called “what would lontti-x do” technique a lot in my daily work: I try to think what a colleague of mine would do or what kind of tools they would use in a similar situation. I reflect on what I have learned from them or think about their strengths that I could also utilize. I have the courage to bring up my own viewpoints or challenge others’ views if needed, in a lontti kind of way – with a positive attitude.  

I get a great feeling from our positive energy; when I’m done with the work week, I usually leave the office with a smile. I live outside the Helsinki metropolitan area, so it’s a big advantage for me that I can flexibly choose when and where I work. This way I can I easily combine my work and my family life. We also have a home cleaning benefit, that saves me time – I rather spend that extra time together with the family. That’s why I feel that CCEA truly appreciates our families and free time. We also discuss our lives outside of work together. Therefore, I can sense our team spirit in all aspects of life, and it feels really good.”

Tiina Karsikas