Celkee Insight measurement tool

Celkee Insight is a tool and concept for measuring change perception in real-time. It offers visibility to different phases and roadblocks of the change and enables reliable assessment of change management action impacts on different stakeholders. The change measurement tool enables the fast identification of emerging issues and makes possible to react to them even during the same day. 

With the help of data, you increase the efficiency of change execution: You can target change communications specifically to groups in need of support. In addition, the user-friendly tool encourages the organisation and its individuals to reflect on the status and next steps of the successful change execution. 

The cloud-based change measurement tool is at your service in all kinds of organisational change projects and transformations. Scroll down to learn more about other ways to benefit from Celkee Insight! 

Why is Celkee Insight the best tool to measure change?

Reliable data collection

How people perceive the change correlates with behavioural change and change benefits. Measuring individual views on how the change progresses makes studying trends and comparing different groups possible. This offers change management reliable insights to base actions on. Furthermore, when the impacts of change actions to stakeholder groups are monitored, further targeting of actions is made easier. Thus, change management takes up less resources.

Change roadblocks visible

Tavallisesti muutoksen onnistumista on mitattu jälkikäteen, jUsually, the success of the change is measured at the end of the project, if ever. With the help of the real-time visual status board and trend view of Celkee Insight, the project team can detect pain points and get to the root causes of the problems proactively.

User friendly tool

From a respondent’s view, the Celkee Insight change measurement tool is intuitive and easy to use. The respondents see how they have answered previously, which offers a meaningful point of comparison for self-reflection. In addition to numeric evaluations, it is possible to leave open comments to further elaborate on one’s views on the matter, either anonymously or with one’s own name. 

Functionalities of Celkee Insight 

Measuring change with research-based measures

Celkee Insight’s measures base on organisational change research and provide reliable and valid data. The measures provide you all relevant information on how the change is progressing, and you can effortlessly gather both numerical and verbal insights to support the successful execution of the change.

Tracking and analysing trends

Tracking results and trends is easy with the clear visualisations and automatic processes. The Celkee Insight tool provides you insights into the status and direction of the change or the project. Therefore, you can plan and execute change actions in target groups that need special support without delay.

A forum for transparent interaction 

The possibility to leave open comments and comment on other people’s views encourage people to collaborate and to come up with ideas on how to tackle problems that are blocking the execution of the change. When people are given the opportunity to contribute and impact the change, a joint understanding as well as goal-directed collaboration follow. This, in turn, accelerates the successful execution of the change.

How does the measurement tool work?

User perspective

Selected stakeholders evaluate the change progress by answering to 4 to 6 selected key statements on a regular basis. Evaluation is done through a personalized sign-in link and answering takes only a few minutes. Respondents are able see their previous evaluation scores and can give a new score by moving the score slider. Even the slightest of changes in the responses are registered, and therefore, the results depict reality accurately. Respondents can give open feedback and comments, also anonymously if preferred.

Change leader perspective

The necessary user background information has already been entered in the tool, which makes the perception measurement tool results reliable. The current state can be viewed from different perspectives such as by business area, location, occupational group, or role. The behavioural-science-based measurement method can easily be scaled from small to large and simple to complex organizations. The user interface is intuitive to use, and the visualized snapshot of the change is easy to comprehend.

Other areas of application


Make sure that your project organisation is in top-shape and that risk management is an effortless part of the process. By measuring the project organisation, you are given a real-time status view to process functions and a way to involve the staff to continuous operational development. Celkee Insight is easily scalable from small to large projects.

Customer experience

Develop your customer experience with real-time insights and customer collaboration. Celkee Insight gathers relevant insights from B2B customer interface that help you manage accounts and build trust. With Celkee Insight, you can measure for instance continuous services, customer projects, strategic accounts, and internal services.

HR development

Measure the impacts of internal trainings or developmental actions in teams and organisations or dive in deep to the individual level with a 360° measurement. Celkee Insight helps to identify developmental needs of individuals, teams, and organisations, as well as shows how different operational models and competence development actions impact your organisation’s everyday work.