Change capability development

The most competitive companies are the ones with people who have the capability to implement changes repeatedly.

Change capability is an ability to lead, sequence, execute and adapt to changes continuously.
In addition, it’s about skills that make it possible to sustain one’s own performance and keep the business up and running when there are multiple, simultaneous change initiatives going on in the organization.

When developing the change capability of change makers, senior leaders and team leaders, a learning path brings the most effective and sustainable results. Traditional one-time trainings often do not lead to targeted learning results.

In addition to the people’s competencies, change capability covers the practices and tools that are used to concretize, plan and implement changes time after time.

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Fall 2020 open change trainings

Change execution learning path for change makers (in Finnish) on Sep 9th – Oct 21st, 2020. Read more and register 

Change leadership learning path for managers and team leaders (in Finnish) on Oct 7th – Nov 25th, 2020.
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Change execution learning path for change makers (in Finnish) on Nov 3rd,2020 – Jan 12th, 2021. Read more and register  

For senior leaders, we recommend customized paths for their own leadership teams. Company-specific customized learning paths are also available for change makers and team leaders. Paths or the modules of a path can be included in the company’s competence development offering, ongoing change initiatives or existing training programs. 

Learning path makes the difference and leads to sustainable results

In the change capability development, we believe in the concept of a learning path. Effective and sustainable learning results require not just formal learning, but learning from each other, social learning and especially exercising and applying the ideas and insights into practice. This way, learning is efficient, and the results quickly realized in everyday work.

The CCEA learning paths consist of interactive workshops, practices related to the ongoing or upcoming real-life changes, as well as individual and group sparring. The content of the paths is built to fit the needs of the change makers, senior leaders and team leaders. We organize customized learning paths for organizations.

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Once a major change is announced in your organization, do you prefer being on a business trip to avoid facing people? Or do you clean up your calendar in order to be available for people to come and talk to you? Test how is your change capability?

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