Change execution

No matter what the change is, we ensure that people know, understand, commit, act and finally change their ways of working – permanently.

We work closely with our customers in an iterative and persistent manner. We constantly utilize new information, observations and a growing understanding, and we keep our fingers on the pulse of the people. As the understanding grows, we adjust plans and actions to support people to act in the desired way and to change their organization.

According to our customers, we start producing value at the first meeting. Our trademark in change management is that we do everything that is needed – including those routine tasks that many find toilsome.

We succeed because every CCEA employee has been carefully selected: they are intelligent, achievers, persistent, socially competent, inspiring, straightforward, and professional change makers. We provide our high-quality service also during periods of vacation time or sick-leave.

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Why is CCEA the best partner in executing successful change?

We have specialized in change execution for more than 10 years

We are holistic, yet concrete:

We have a holistic, yet practical view to change. We understand what is critical and we execute necessary actions. We constantly prioritize and strictly focus on what’s essential at the time.

We help where it matters:

We customize our proposals to meet the actual need. We are the bridge between silos. We take initiative and actively help and engage the organization.

We get things done:

We do it, instead of only telling what to do. We ensure, verify, and persistently push for the change to happen. We utilize feedback to continuously update the change plan.