Change measurement

What is a trustworthy way to know how the change is progressing? Are people, who are being impacted by the change, changing their behavior? Where are we now compared to the targeted benefits?

We have summarized our experience from hundreds of executed changes into three means to measure change. Perception measurement follows people’s change perception in real time. Behaviour measurement tracks how people start to change their behaviour and ways of working. Benefit measurement reveals whether the change targets have been met.

Our unique perception measurement tool Celkee Insight® is based on behavioural science research, and numerous organizations are already utilizing it to support their changes.

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Perception measurement in brief

You can monitor the change progress in real time with our perception measurement tool Celkee Insight. It provides continuous insight on what various parts of organization, units or teams think about the most critical aspects of the change and how their perception is developing.

Thanks to the perception indicator, you can identify any arising problems quickly and start removing the roadblocks even on the same day.

How does the Perception Measurement tool work?

User perspective

Selected stakeholders evaluate the change progress by answering to 4 to 6 selected key statements on a regular basis. Evaluation is done through a personalized sign-in link and answering takes only a few minutes. Respondents are able see their previous evaluation scores and can give a new score by moving the score slider. Even the slightest of changes in the responses are registered, and therefore, the results depict reality accurately. Respondents can give open feedback and comments, also anonymously if preferred.

Change leader perspective

The necessary user background information has already been entered in the tool, which makes the perception measurement tool results reliable. The current state can be viewed from different perspectives such as by business area, location, occupational group, or role. The behavioural-science-based measurement method can easily be scaled from small to large and simple to complex organizations. The user interface is intuitive to use, and the visualized snapshot of the change is easy to comprehend.

Celkee Insight®

Things are going well, otherwise, but the understanding of the change purpose is declining within the Stockholm area supervisors. Let’s start immediate supporting actions for them.

Why is CCEA the best partner for measuring people’s experience in change?

Over 10 years or experience and more than a hundred of hands-on-implemented changes have taught us what is relevant; we know what to ask and what to measure. In addition to the measurement tool and real time change experience insight, you will receive a situational analysis and recommendations for concrete actions – to be taken immediately into use, to correct the change journey.

Our vast change measurement data bank from various industries helps to avoid any potential change pitfalls; we know when to be extra careful.