Change portfolio leadership

We know how to prevent a business from paralyzing under the pressure of numerous ongoing changes, and we know how to nurture the balance between business goals and people’s capacity.

By change portfolio leadership we mean leading the entity of ongoing and planned changes: when implementing an individual change, we take into account the simultaneous and constantly evolving impact other initiatives have on people’s daily work. In addition, it is important to understand that each change requires capacity from the organization, from change makers and from those who need to change their ways of working. Capacity is always limited.

An analyzed, structured and up-to-date overview of the change portfolio supports decision making.

Organization renewal and the expected return on a change investment are obtained when the most important changes are advanced while running the current business.

Why is CCEA the best partner in change portfolio leadership?

We understand the concrete impacts of change:

We understand the impacts of change on everyday work as well as the timing of the changes. We visualize the change impacts and their timing for decision making. We ensure that change projects proceed while business keeps rolling.

We have a proven model for change portfolio leadership:

Our years of experience in leading change portfolios means that our focus is on what matters. We understand how to integrate change portfolio leadership into the management model. We efficiently prevent change overload of the organization.

We apply our experience to continuously improve:

We constantly develop our change portfolio leadership model based on our experiences. We focus on the future, rather than only reporting past performance. Our expertise helps us to quickly and accurately solve also the unpredictable challenges.