There is no shortcut to change.

The hard fact is that there is no shortcut to a successful change. No magic wand, no express pass, no trick that can make the change happen. Change always involves a whole lot of work to get people to let go of the old and permanently change the ways of doing things.

The most important factor impacting the success of change initiatives is always the human being. The objectives are only met if people change their ways permanently. That is why we roll up our sleeves and persistently work to turn change into practice.

One person at a time, if needed.

People-driven change

People-driven change crystallizes the CCEA way of thinking and working in each change we implement and our way of leading a change portfolio and developing an organizatio’s change capability. It defines our solid practical experience with what is essential for successful change.

Lean and agile change execution

We implement changes and enhance people’s competence in change in both traditional change projects as well as Lean, Agile and SAFe development.

Fundamentally, our change approach is agile and lean. In all changes, we apply methods and tools that foster co-creation, interaction and engagement. Instead of linear planning, we listen to people and actively observe to ensure an accurate snapshot of the changes and so that actions taken make an impact.

We utilize and apply the Lean Change Management (LCM) framework, developed by LeanChange. Our special expertise is in embedding change implementation into a SAFe model.