Janna Krumm

Asiakassuhdejohtaja, Ruotsi

+46 (0) 70 757 4993


I am a passionate leader of change and growing others; and I would be the one who will take a newly created role and structure and develop it, to exceed the originally set vision and targets.

I am recognised as a holistic person and grasp large complex situations easily and am seen as sociable and empathetic while goal focused. What I do – I do 100%, i.e. achieving sales and recruitment targets, building organisations, or in my passion for triathlon and yoga.


Live is a journey and not a goal – constantly learning and evolving to what we are here for. CCEA is a step or maybe many steps on my travels through life.


Today I work with client relations for CCEA. Before this I lead a sales team to develop the ecosystem in Europe by activating and recruiting partners. Sales targets were overachieved and we grew the active ecosystem significantly. I was personally involved in the sales cycle, from business plan creation, via personal presentations at opportunity identification activities, to closure. One important part of my role was the personal engagement in understanding our partners’ business and helping them to make the leap to new business models, i.e. cloud based offerings or adding new areas into their portfolio.

My other area of passion is seeing others bloom. In my role as Professional Services Manager at Cognos the target was to increase a team of 20 highly educated finance consultants to a second line organisation and 30 people, achieving this already during the first year I was awarded ‘Manager of the Year’.

Both my passions – sales/business development and working with teams/individuals gave me the award of ‘Outstanding collaboration with Sales’ when building the pre-sales ecosystem organisation at IBM. With this I was working with CEOs, founders, and LOB leaders of all sizes of companies on a daily basis.